Unlike the previous post, this post will be tackling a couple deaths that were in a way sad. Two characters who had become so attached to the player after both being through a couple games in the franchise both came to a sudden unexpected death. These are the deaths I will never forget for the rush of emotion they filled me with. [...]

Dominic Santiago (Gears Of War 3)

After fighting the locusts for so many years, and standing by Marcus' side for so damn long, Dom's tragic life came to a suitable tragic end. Ever since finding his wife in the underground cells during the time-frame of the second game, Dom just never was himself ever again. I mean imagine finding your loved one torn to nothingness, after being tortured and starved for so long. Obviously she could no longer go on, and well just watch it for yourself.
Whoever said that Video games could never touch a player on an emotional level surely hasn't seen a thing. Moving on, what this led Dom to do in the next game was probably the hardest death to swallow in the franchise.
This scene truly never gets old. Dominic sacrifices himself for the sake of Marcus and co. and for what proves to be the sake of humanity as a whole by the end of the game. Gary Jules' "Mad World" just fits the scene so damn perfectly. RIP Dominic Santiago.

Cortana (Halo 4)

After three full video games o fighting the flood and covenant side by side with the master chief, the AI known as Cortana finally came to meet her demise. It's funny that even a virtual personality within a video game can form such a close bond with the main character and effect the player so much. After being captured in the second game and coming close to death in the third, Cortana is reaching the end of her lifespan as she is only a bunch of code. Unfortunately her death didn't come peacefully at all, rampancy ate her non existent soul out up until the end.

Mortal Kombat

All that touchy emotion stuff has left a bad taste in your mouth hasn't it? Well here you go, some brutality at its best. How do you create controversy? With blood, violence and a hint of Mortal Kombat. Let these videos speak for themselves, the first of which I put together a couple of years back. The second video is my favorite fatality of all time. Enjoy!
For those who have not seen part 1 here is the link!
More to come Soon!
-Chemil Makhlouta-


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